OMG, there is such a thing as NUDE yoga.

I’ve recently started going to hot yoga classes. I was doing a little research to find out what the benefits of hot yoga are (vs. non hot yoga), and stumbled across a link to “nude yoga.”

[from this page]

While hot yoga does not automatically turn into a nude yoga session, bear in mind that it is essential to allow the skin to sweat freely during practice, thus, many practitioners will be wearing little clothing. Operate on a level of respect at all times.

Incredulously, I followed the link to the nude yoga page.

What is Nude Yoga?

Simply put, nude yoga is performed by people who aren’t wearing any clothes. The poses aren’t any different than what you’d find in a typical yoga class and the instructors generally have the same type of training. The only things missing are yoga pants and yoga tops!

Seriously? I mean, it gets pretty hot in those rooms, so I can see the benefit of wearing as little clothing as possible… but I dunno… some of those poses are kind of… well, can they stillbe called “revealing” if you’re already naked???

Still incredulous, I did a google search for “nude yoga” and “naked yoga” and found oodles of results. Most of the groups that practice in the buff seem to be gay men’s groups, in San Francisco and Chelsea. That actually seems a lot less shocking to me — I was initially picturing my normal yoga class, like 25 women and 4 guys in the back, all naked and sweaty, trying to do crow pose or airplane or something…

From Wikipedia:

In the West since the 1960s, naked yoga practice has been incorporated in progressive settings for well-being, such as at the Esalen Institute in California, as depicted in the 1968 film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Other films with notable segments include The Harrad Experiment and Naked Yoga, (1974).

In New York City in 1998, an American going by the name Jayadev started a group called “Midnight Yoga for Men” where participants practiced “naked before the infinite” in the style of the sadhus. This spawned a plethora of imitators. Many of these male-only naked yoga groups have been associated with the gay community, though often not intentionally. Teaching in the Grimbergendubbel Yoga school, Annalise Haigh has been a driving force in the popularization of Naked Yoga in Australia.

One Taste Urban Retreat Center[1][2] made Naked Yoga world famous after it was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. Teacher Meredith Medland incorporated high level hands on healing/energetic surgery, intuitive body work, vipasanna practice and sensuality to create as she describes it, “a sacred space where groups of people experienced highly transformational experiencing while tapping into their multi-dimensional energies”. She is currently living in Santa Barbara, CA teaching “Sexy and Spirited” at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club.

Honestly, I feel a little like I’m giving a free show when I do yoga in running shorts… More power to the people who are cool with group public nudity in unseemly postures and all, but, I will not be joining them any time soon. Actually, I don’t think they’d let me in anyway, what with being female and all…

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