A good economy for discounts on cosmetic surgery

It must be a sign of the times. Last week, I got a letter in the mail from a doctor that I’d previously had a consultation with for laser resurfacing. (This was months ago.) They sent a letter out to all clients, offering a 10% discount on all procedures (face lifts, laser resurfacing, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, you name it) scheduled for next month. They also offered interest-free financing, and a cash discount. After receiving the letter, I assumed that the economy must be hitting these “elective-surgery” places pretty hard — if the economy is suffering, people are pulling back on cosmetic procedures. So the doctors are offering more and more deals and discounts to keep business flowing in. Interestingly, a nurse from the office called the week after I received the letter to “follow up” and make sure that I got it.

Another office, the doctor that I’ve gotten Fraxel treatments with, is also stepping up their marketing. They sent out an email campaign, just yesterday, offering specials on Botox. I’ve never gotten Botox injections, so I have no idea how much it normally costs, but they’re offering what looks like a 20% discount (plus a loyalty reward card for frequent Botox-ers). I have read a bit in the news about Botox gone wrong, so I wouldn’t think that “discount Botox” is something you’d really want to seek out, but if it’s a reputable company offering a special deal to gain more customers, that seems like the best of both worlds. Today, I received another email from them, listing $550 off any facial surgery booked and paid for within the next month, and actual prices: Eyelid surgery = feg. fee $3500 upper or lower, $6500 for both; Facelift (the Local Lift, mini lift, etc.) - reg. fee $7500; Neck rejuvenation - reg. fee $2500; Liposuction (Local Lipo) - reg. fee starting at $2500; Tummy tuck = reg fee starting at $4500; Arm lift - reg. fee starting at $4500. Again, I have no idea how much these procedures cost normally, but the fact that they’re advertising their actual prices (and offering a discount of $550) to me says that they must be something to brag about.

Business must be hurting indeed. If you’re thinking about getting something done, now might be a great time to play “make a deal” and get a nice discount.


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