Synchronize your bookmarks on multiple computers

Your bookmarks on your laptop can be the same as the bookmarks on your work computer, which can be the same as your home computer. How? Foxmarks - a cool plugin for Firefox. It synchronizes your bookmarks on 2 or more computers (you can combine your existing bookmarks, or choose to have one set override another). Foxmarks also has an online component - - that allows you to log in and view your bookmarks from any computer, in any browser (no plugin required). You can organize, modify, add, and delete right from their website.

Step 1
Download and install
, if you haven’t already.

Step 2
Download and install the Foxmarks plugin for Firefox. (Press the big green button). Follow the instructions and set up an account during installation.

The key is to do this on BOTH computers. If you just did the above steps on your laptop, you now need to repeat on your other computer. This time, instead of setting up a new account, you’ll log into the one you just set up on the laptop.

Once Foxmarks is installed, it will automatically keep your bookmarks updated on every computer you’ve set it up on. Nice!


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