Stay updated on Ebay auctions with a Firefox plugin

Whenever I’m buying or selling something on Ebay, it distracts me from my work. I’m constantly going to the Ebay website, signing in, and looking at the status of my auctions. It doesn’t take long, but if I do it more than a few times a day, it breaks up my workflow and keeps me from getting as much done as I should be.

The easy answer would be to just check my auctions once a day. But — I’ve found a Firefox plugin that lets me see my auctions all day long, displayed in the sidebar of my browser. I can work AND obsessively check my auctions at the same time! Hooray for multitasking.

Step 1
Download and install
, if you haven’t already.

Step 2
Download “Firefox companion for Ebay” here. (Click the big green button) Sign into your Ebay account and off you go.

Ebay is offering free listings this month, so I’ll be using this one a lot…


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