About me: I’m 31 years old. I co-own a small design firm in Minneapolis, own a house in the city (an owner occupied duplex, which I bought four years ago, my first foray into investment property), and live with a very fluffy, slightly overweight (but very agreeable) cat.

I’m a new business owner, and a new windows user. (As a graphic designer, I’ve always been a Mac person. Until my business partner showed me that we could get brand new Dells that are just as fast for about 1/4 of a new G5. We now have 4 Dells and one Mac Mini at present time, and have been getting along just fine.)

I plan to use this blog to write about wide range of topics, including design, computers, money/finances, credit, etc. and see where that takes me.



i came across your web site after doing a yahoo! search for fraxel lasers. i’m going to have the procedure in a couple of months (november 08) for the first time. you’re about the same age as me, same gender, same skin type and consistency, so i was quite interested in reading about your experience recovering from the treatments. it gave me a great idea about what to expect, and i really appreciate your candidness! especially about the pain — i have a ZERO pain threshhold, so i’m really, really axious about that part.


what i am curious about now is, you had the 5th treatment earlier this year, so i’m guessing you’re all finished up now? several months later, what do you think? was it worth it? would you recommend it? do you think it made a significant difference?

i’m nervous and excited to try this, but i also don’t want to be disappointed in terms of setting my expectations.

thanks so much for your posts — i can’t tell you how much they helped me. :) cheers!

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